What are the top cloud platforms in 2020?

What are the top cloud platforms in 2020?

Cloud computing has grown exponentially since its inception. Despite its grown popularity, most people are unaware of available cloud options in the market. So we are here to list the top cloud platforms as on early 2020. The top contenders are Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud, choosing one among these three can be a tough task for many.

  1. Amazon Web services:

Being established in 2006 and with 14 years of experience, they are surely on top. As of today, the active user base of AWS is more than a million, which is significantly higher when compared with others. AWS is highly customizable and comes with free trial options. They offer a number of services for IaaS and PaaS, including EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 and RDS. Even for companies using on-premise datacenters, Amazon has a feature called AWS storage gateway. This features the ability to connect their existing storage and backup to the cloud, with unified console to access storage configuration. Similarly, their CloudFormation is another technology which lets firms to control the resources and application stacks that are required for mobile and web apps.

  1. Azure:

Despite entering late into the cloud market, it has quickly built a reputation for itself. Just like AWS, it offers complete set of cloud services giving them a tough time with the pricing as well as they feature a 12 month free trial. Azure also offers a number of services which includes office 365, business subscription and Linkedln subscription. This makes them incomparable with the competition in many aspects. One can even develop, test, deploy and manage their machine learning model in a cloud-based environment using Azure service. Azure Stack is the go to option for many when it comes to hybrid deployments and offers more power and capacity for enterprise development. They are also one of the fastest cloud solutions available.

  1. Google Cloud service:

Google also entered the cloud arena with Azure. Initially, their services were meant only for Google’s inhouse products like YouTube and Google Search. They might not be a full fledge cloud provider just yet like the competition, but the expectations are high considering their presence in the entire Internet. They have captured HSBC as one of their first major clients, proving their strong grip in the market. As of today, Google cloud is one of the most cheapest option to choose from. They are putting extreme pressure on other vendors with their competitive pricing. In terms of security, GCP can be placed on top with enterprise level security throughout.

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